Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Please complete this form and send it along with the item(s) being returned to:

Guth Laboratories Inc.
590 North 67th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111-4511

If you are sending an item for repair or return:

  • Please enclose receipt of this completed form with the item, required for the repair process.
  • When possible ship items in their original shipping container.

Contact Information
Billing Information
Shipping Information

All repairs are returned via ground service unless otherwise requested. If you would like a faster return method please select an option below. Your account will be billed accordingly.

Next Day
2nd Day

Guth Laboratories, Inc reserves the right to return the instrument unrepaired along with an invoice for 1 hour labor per unit, plus all shipping charges if we do not receive a response within 15 days of the e-mailed / faxed estimate.

An 1 hour evaluation fee will apply to estimates which are not repaired.


Please enter the Instrument Model, Serial Number and Reason for Return for each item being sent for repair.



I Authorize Repairs Up To:

Not at this time. Please send estimate before repairs are made. An estimate may cause delays in service.

If other please specify:


Open Account
COD / Credit Card

If other please specify:

Authorized By:

Print and Submit

Please keep this information for your records, print, and enclose receipt of this completed form along with the item(s) being returned.

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